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In order to choose the most convenient loan it is necessary to make an assessment of the economic conditions, considering their overall cost. However, this is not a simple operation; here are the two main elements that should be considered before signing a loan:

the Nominal Annual Rate (NAR): is the interest rate, expressed as a percentage and on an annual basis, applied to the financed capital that determines the interest rate which, together with the monthly principal amount, will determine the repayment installment;

the Annual Effective Rate (AER): it is a measure, expressed as a percentage and on an annual basis, of the total cost of the loan. In fact, unlike the TAN, the AER is inclusive of any additional charges charged to the customer (for example, the costs of preliminary investigation). Calculate the AER of your financing thanks to our calculation tool.

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Therefore, in the comparison of two or more offers, the AER is the best comparison element, since it takes into consideration the total cost of a loan, including all the ancillary costs usually excluded from the calculation of the TAN. It is however necessary to remember that the comparison of the AER between two or more loans is only possible on equal terms (financed amount and duration).

In fact, it is useful to remember that, with the same amount financed, the AER is reduced as the duration of the loan increases while, for the same duration, the AER is reduced to an increase in the loan amount.

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Once a loan is signed it is important that the repayment of the installments takes place in a timely manner. In fact, failure to promptly pay even one installment authorizes the bank to terminate the contract unilaterally, while the customer is required to pay all bank charges, protests and charges incurred by the credit institution to recover the sums due, in addition to a possible penalty.

In addition, the customer also risks being reported as a bad payer and that his name is included in the lists of the Central Credit, with the consequent deterioration of their credit situation and a greater difficulty in obtaining future credit.

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The legislation on consumer credit, amended with the d. lgs. n. 141/2010 and entered into force since June 2011, has introduced important changes in terms of transparency and right of withdrawal.

Whereas previously the customer could only withdraw if the contract had been stipulated at a distance or outside the retailer’s business premises, at present the consumer has the right to withdraw within 14 days from the signing of the contract, without having to specify the reason , by sending a registered letter to / from the financing institute. In the event that the loan has already been disbursed, the customer will have 30 days to be able to repay the principal and accrued interest, as well as any taxes due. No penalty can however be applied to the consumer.

The right of withdrawal also applies directly to all ancillary services contracts linked to the loan originally requested (for example, insurance taken out to cover the loan).

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According to current legislation, a client must always be able to settle the loan in advance of the expected end date. The same must repay the remaining principal still due plus a penalty, which can not exceed 1% of the sum financed.

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Is there a better time to pay off the loan? The amortization plan used by the American credit system is defined as “French-style”. This methodology provides for a constant sum of two components, the interest and the principal amount. A fundamental characteristic of French amortization is that the first installments have a preponderant share of the interest component, while in the latter, the weight of the principal is predominant. In other words, with the first installments, interest is repaid primarily and, with the letter, capital. This makes it extremely advantageous to pay off a loan at the beginning of the amortization schedule than at the end. The advantage is clearly more sensitive to long-term loans; if a 120-month loan can be paid out in the first three years, a very significant savings (in terms of unpaid interest) are obtained.

Moving on to the practical aspects, it should be noted that the extinction of the early loan takes place by sending a specific communication to the Credit Institute that must be conveyed by a registered A / R. In addition to communicating the early termination request, it is necessary to request the so-called “extinction account”, ie the amount of the amount to be paid to obtain the loan extinguishing.

Once this count has been obtained, the financed proceeds to reclaim the amount communicated to it by the Bank or the Budget. These, upon request, provide a “release”, or a declaration attesting the extinction of the loan.

Following the extinction of the loan, it is obligatory for the Financial Institutions to communicate to the various credit data banks and to the various bank data providers the early termination of the loan. This step is essential for the customer who wants to subsequently and again access the credit.

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