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What is a Payday Loan? Payday loans, are a particular form of loan through which a financial company grants a loan of small short-term entity to the applicant and this funding is then collected on the day on which the applicant receives the salary (payday, ie on the payment date of the salary).

Same day payday loans  New York

In practice it is a short-term loan granted to cope with unexpected expenses a few days after the payday.

In fact, their duration is usually one or two weeks.

This is a very common form of borrowing in England, the United Kingdom and even in the United States, where the payday loans business is very prosperous.

Sometimes they are also called “payday advance” as it is a sort of advance on the salary.

Usually interest rates are high.

What are they for

Usually these loans are requested by those in urgent need of liquidity to cope with some urgent deadlines such as the payment of the rent, the bills or to deal with a sudden and unexpected expense (eg a session at the dentist, a system failure hydraulic, or other).

It is practically a loan that serves to be able to face a financial emergency in the period preceding the date of the paycheck.

Payday loan consolidation New York

Payday loans are short or very short term loans (one or two weeks), which are repaid on the next payday, ie when you receive your salary.

They are issued by finance companies. Those who request the payday loan go to one of these financial institutions and ask for a small amount in cash. At the same time he signs a postdated check (on the date of collection of the salary) for the loan amount plus interest.

In other cases it is also possible to apply for these loans directly online, thus receiving a transfer to your bank account. On the next payday, repayment of the loan and interest takes place by electronic withholding on the account.

Depending on the issuing financial companies, checks may be required on the previous payroll envelopes of the applicant or not.

Guaranteed payday loans New York

Not all types of consumer credit loans are equal. Within this category we analyze all types of bank loans, including personal loans, loans for the purchase of certain goods or services, non-finalized loans, revolving credit cards, assignment of the fifth salary or pension. Lending requests for online trading on the currency market are also spreading lately, ie forex (FOReign EXchange market). For those wishing to deepen the theme of forex trading, we recommend the dedicated website, with insights and explanations of how the currency exchange market works. Following are instead various approaches on all the different types of loans most common in USA.

Payday loan companies New York

INPS Retired Loans

The INPS, National Social Security Institute, allows pensioners to obtain loans through the assignment of the fifth pension.

In practice, the INPS pensioner asks the bank or the finance company for the loan he needs, and the INPS pays the repayments for the repayment of the capital borrowed through deductions from the monthly pension.

This type of loan has a maximum duration of 10 years.

The loan may be requested by pensioners except for pensions and social allowances, civil disability pension, monthly allowance for retirement assistance for disability, income support checks, bank staff pensions, family allowances.

Before requesting the loan, the pensioner must go to an INPS desk and request the “Communication of transferability”, which is used to check if it is suitable for the loan application (in this document it is indicated the maximum amount of the loan that can pay based on your pension).

For more information on the types of pension accepted for the loan request, on the amount (which is variable based on how much you take a pension) for all other details, visit the appropriate section of the site

Features of paycheck loans  New York

The payday loan can include:

– constant fees for the duration of the contract

– initial maxicanone and subsequent periodic payments of a constant amount

– initial deposit and fixed fees for the duration of the contract

– early redemption of the leased asset with consequent reduction in the number of leasing installments.

Payday cash loans New York

It is also possible to transfer the lease before the deadline to another person or company.

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