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Definition: loans without guarantee and without guarantor are those personal loans that are required (and are more and more with the continuation of the economic crisis and the lack of work) by people who can not offer, as a guarantee, in compare the bank or financial provider with a paycheck or cud or a reference income.

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Usually we talk about a loan without guarantees when you do not have a paycheck or a pension, because maybe you are a housewife or young student or non-regular worker, seasonal, in black, but you can offer an alternative type guarantee which can be a regular income such as rent deriving from a property owned or a maintenance allowance if you are separated / divorced or if you have property of goods such as paintings, precious objects, etc. Sometimes, credit institutions and financial institutions also require the signature of a guarantor, whether relative or friend, to ensure that the borrower is able to honor him in his place in the event of his insolvency.

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In short, a loan without a guarantee and without a guarantor can also be obtained without the signature of a person who acts as guarantor for us and without the classic guarantee elements for a bank or a financial institution, such as a paycheck or a pension slip .

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Personal loans without guarantees and without guarantor are aimed at people who for example have a precarious or self-employed job or who are unemployed and who need to have even small amounts of liquidity on loan with legal and non-usurious rates.

To apply for a personal loan without guarantees and without guarantor, ie in the most unfavorable condition of not being able to demonstrate concrete alternative guarantees, one must either:

– request a small loan between individuals

– request a small loan from a bank or financial institution (usually payable up to 2000 dollars)

We need to know and pay close attention to asking for a loan without guarantees because banks and financial institutions usually apply very high interest rates (but still legal, according to the limits set by the Bank of America, but almost usurious).

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Better to prefer, when you can have a loan from two private individuals (relative, close friend, or through online platforms) with more favorable repayment interest rate conditions.

Given the growing demand on the market of people who need to be able to have a loan without guarantor and without alternative guarantees (mortgage, rented property, paintings, valuables, land, money that you do not want to dispose of, etc.), it is also good through the internet evaluate the various offers that some banks and financial institutions are starting to propose to meet the growing demand.

How to get paycheck loans in  North Carolina?

In order to obtain a loan from a bank or a financial institution in case we can not offer any type of guarantee, it is good not only to inquire in advance with the online research or to contact a financial consultant who can propose and explain the products that best solve our economic problem.

The danger is not to access a personal loan that is offered on terms of reimbursement that then you are unable to honor, perhaps triggering a vicious circle that leads to the network of “bad payers”.

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Evaluate well, even if you have a precarious job, without a paycheck, if you are able to offer some alternative guarantee; also an income in black, in order to have at least a small personal loan. Always for young people it should be said as more information that even the State can act as a guarantor for example if you intend to finance a start-up with loans and ad hoc subsidized loans.

On the web there are some innovative offers such as that proposed for holders of a Postepay card on which the loan is directly charged for figures from 750 dollars to 1500 dollars repayable in 10 years or the product of Agos Ducato aimed at young people who maybe need a loan of 10000 dollarper to finance the opening of a business on their own, or still the paydayYoung proposal for young people up to 32 years.

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