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Insured loans: when personal protection is included in the price

Some people feel indecisive about requesting a loan: the uncertainty linked to the world of work, doubts about future events, make the choice difficult. Fortunately, the remedy for this concern exists: we are talking about loan insurances, which protect the applicant by allowing him to face any unexpected event calmly.

We deepen the subject and analyze, in particular, when personal protection is included in the price and when, instead, it is optional.

What is a loan with insurance?

As we anticipated, at the same time as applying for a loan it is possible to activate an insurance policy that covers both the credit institution and the applicant in cases where the latter is no longer able to repay the sum received. In most cases, the policy premium converges into the monthly payment and is paid comfortably together with the loan. Some companies prefer to pay in full and in advance the full insurance premium, but this is an infrequent request and normally associated with mortgages.

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Secured loans are loans with life insurance and job loss insurance.

If the person is no longer able to pay the installments, the insurance will provide the remaining balance, thus ensuring the serenity of the applicant and his family. To then agree with him a comfortable return plan adapted to the current income capacity.

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For personal loans, the insurance policy is an option: those applying for funding are not obliged to add it. In certain circumstances it is however appropriate to evaluate the stipulation, for example if the amount of funding is consistent with respect to the income situation of those who request it.

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Many retirees choose an insured loan when they provide for the repayment of the amount in the long run, as additional protection for themselves and their relatives. The same decision can come from private employees who, despite being employed for an indefinite period, are not certain that they can remain in the same company for the entire duration of the amortization plan.

Loan Delegation

What is Delegated Loan?

The Loan Delegation consists of a loan repayable by proxy granted by the employee to his employer to withhold a portion of the salary (installment) and to send it monthly to the intermediary who provides the loan. It can be obtained by supplementing the amount granted with a Cession of the Fifth or in the event that a pre-existing sale is not yet renewable.

The possibility of accessing this type of loan is however subject to the existence of certain conditions related to the administration to which it belongs.

Who is reserved for?

The Loan Delegation, otherwise called a payment delegation, is a form of personal loan reserved for employees of affiliated government agencies, parastatal employees (local authorities, parastatal companies, A.S.L., etc.) and employees of private companies.

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Safety and comfort

Security: the Delegated Loans are accompanied by insurance guarantees to cover life and use risk, with charges to be borne by Payday loans  **.

Convenience: the repayment of the Delegated Loan is made with deductions applied in a pay slip directly by the administration to which it belongs.

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Single signature, without the need for mortgages, sureties or signature of the spouse.

You do not have to motivate the request *. You can freely dispose of your loan.

Possibility to renew or supplement other loans in progress.

The convenience of payment, as the reimbursement payments will be made directly by the Administration of your membership.

The possibility of paying in installments from 24 to 120 months.

Possibility to withdraw from the contract within 14 days of signing.

General product information

For conditions, including Tan and Taeg, visit the Payday loans  transparency section, in particular in the headings:

General Document Product Information


* Subject to the obligations set forth in Legislative Decree 231/07.

** For the insurance part carefully read the product information in the transparency area.

The “standard” protected financing: the transfer of the fifth

The Cessione del Quinto is today the only type of loan for employees and pensioners that includes the personal protection of the applicant: this feature is among the main ingredients that make up the secret of his success among Americans. The law has established that anyone who requires funding through this formula should also be covered by a policy on life and – for workers – on the possible loss of work.

While for the life insurance policy it is usually referred to standard tables, the calculation of the employment risk varies greatly depending on the type of worker and the soundness of the company in which it is employed.

However, the experience helps to make these assessments quickly and effectively: with over 20 years of specialization in loans with Cessione del Quinto, Loans & Loans can guarantee to each customer a careful and personalized treatment. We are available for advice and personalized quotes, request now your free estimate!

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